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giving back to your community one cup

at a time.


Lemon Love

Lemon Love Mission Statement


Our mission at Lemon Love is to provide quality and consistent products.  All our products are made from fresh and natural ingredients.  All of this is while we are giving our love back to the communities we proudly serve. 


Lemon Love donates a portion of all sales back to local charities in the communities we serve and to a local charity of the event organizer’s choosing.

Lemon Love Menu and Selections

Lemon Love

Welcome to Lemon Love – Infusing Style with Purpose

At Lemon Love, we're thrilled to showcase our crown jewel – the Lemon Love Signature, an absolute favorite among our community enthusiasts.
At Lemon Love, we are driven by a powerful mission that transcends fashion and commerce. Our purpose is clear: to infuse positivity into every aspect of our business and to create a ripple effect of goodness in the communities we touch.

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